ADAir™ Mixer Technology

ADA-ES, Inc.’s (ADA) in-duct static ADAir-Mixer Technology offers improved sorbent dispersion to increase pollutant capture and decrease sorbent consumption as part of an optimized compliance strategy. This proprietary technology improves the efficiency of particulate collection devices and, in some configurations, it provides the added benefit of enhancing the performance of other APC equipment.

Benefits of ADAir Mixer Technology

  • Optimizes mercury and acid gas capture with improved particle distribution
  • Reduces O & M cost
    • Reduce sorbent usage: Up to 40% annual savings
    • Potential of reduced number of injection lances
  • Balance of plant benefits
    • Reduce velocity/temperature variations at ESP inlet, leading to lower particulate emissions
    • Minimize sorbent concentration to aid in fly ash utilization
  • Return on investment for ADAir Mixer Technology, in most cases, is one year or less

Technology Offering

  • In-duct technology to alter flue gas flow to improve mixing
  • Counter-rotational and intersecting turbulence patterns
  • Flexible installation locations
  • Modular design for short lead time and increased ease of installation
  • Optimizes injection location regardless of injection point; upstream or downstream of preheater
  • In-house CFD and Physical Modeling capabilities