Dry Sorbent Injection Systems

Dry Sorbent Injection Systems will enable your facility to control SOx & HCl emissions and is a key component to achieving compliance strategy. The ADA team has pioneered the most reliable DSI system in today’s market, using a conditioned air concept that improves material conveying for maximum system performance. Our tailored solutions assure that every location, plant and unit is optimized for mitigation of targeted air pollutants to meet provisions of the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS) and CSAPR Rules.

What is a Dry Sorbent Injection System?

  • Cost effective alternative to scrubbers for meeting certain provisions of the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS)
  • Technology for SO2 and acid gas (i.e., HCI, HF, SO3) control
  • Enhances the effectiveness of current APC Systems
  • Easy retrofit and integration with your existing APC systems
  • Enhances the performance of activated carbon for mercury (Hg) control

Why ADA?

The ADA team is a proven leader in the commercial supply of DSI systems and technology

  • Most reliable DSI system in today’s market
    • Design based on decades of research and extensive commercial experience
  • Pioneered many of the techniques used today by all the major suppliers of this equipment
  • ADA uniquely understands the interaction between DSI, ACI and other air pollution control technologies
    • Enables us to evaluate overall APC strategy and determine optimum design for the client’s specific fuel, plant configuration and operating conditions
  • ADA has a unique ability to provide and integrate several air pollution control technologies (including MATS compliance technologies) to provide several project execution benefits.
    • Single source for coordinating all modeling activities
      • Sorbent consumption rates
      • Fuel flexibility
      • Balance of plant impacts
  • Streamline contract administration activities and deliverables
  • Leverage unparalleled process knowledge for MATS compliance technologies along with identifying other areas for optimization and reduce plant operating costs

Overall System Benefits

  • Easy operating approach and maintenance friendly design with automated controls
  • Complete in house design, including CFD modeling, fabrication, and programming to provide better overall control of equipment and delivery
  • Blower and electrical building shop assembled, pre-wired, and tested prior to shipment
  • In-house UL listed panel shop
  • Shop fabrication and assemble maximized
  • Designed to address:
    • Trona moisture and caking issues
    • Hydrated lime reactivity issues, such as scaling and pluggage
    • Eliminate the common pathways that historically result in DSI system failure

Our system features:

  • Lower conveying air temperatures: Less turbulent flow and more reliable transport of sorbents
  • Minimizes moisture entrained in the conveying fluid, a common issue for sodium-based sorbent
  • Engineered conveying velocities: ADA developed a conveying configuration that allows material to follow conveyance air and assure the designed distribution is maintained. These custom designed manifolds and injection lances allow continued and reliable operation at lower velocities, and minimize material self-heating, impingement, and turbulence


To date, ADA and its subsidiaries have installed, or are currently installing DSI Systems for more than 50 power plant or industrial boilers. Below are the locations of our DSI systems.