Equipment Reliability

Can your equipment keep pace with your compliance strategies?


Meeting state and federal compliance levels for emissions can be challenging. Not only do plants have to keep pace with daily operational and process variables—coal variability, combustion performance, load variation, seasonal environmental changes, etc.—but individual equipment performance must be monitored and maintained to ensure a consistent, reliable and cost-effective compliance strategy.

The ADA-ES, Inc.’s (ADA) Equipment Reliability Program can provide the needed expertise, resources and guidance to assist your plant in achieving reliable and optimal performance for all of the critical links in the Hg compliance equipment chain. The Equipment Reliability Program is tailored to specific customer needs and can incorporate:

  • Visual equipment inspections including initial and recurring evaluations
  • Ongoing support and monitoring of individual or multiple systems
  • Tracking component integrity of wear parts for predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Technical support and diagnostics of operational difficulties
  • Inventory and procurement of equipment components to keep systems operational with minimal downtime
  • Custom engineered solutions for retrofits and upgrades to improve system performance
  • Remote troubleshooting and operational support

A Comprehensive Approach to Reliability

The Equipment Reliability Program is a customizable, subscription-based package of services, provided by highly qualified field engineers and expert systems technicians, to keep equipment operating at peak performance. Our three-tiered approach encompasses:

Field Engineering Services

  • Initial system performance evaluations
  • Routine inspections and maintenance
  • Systems and regulatory training

Component Replacement and Improvement

  • Rapid component resupply
  • Custom engineered solutions to improve system performance

Equipment Monitoring and Analysis

  • Records analysis for trend information
  • Wear part documentation for predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting

Reliability Program Overview

Regulatory requirements continue to grow within our industry. This often results in more equipment on-site that must be installed and maintained, and increased focus from plant personnel to assure that compliance objectives are met. Maintaining the reliability of air pollution control equipment can reduce risks of noncompliance, reduce compliance related costs, and help in the management of overall plant profitability.

Our Equipment Reliability Program starts with detailed discussions with plant personnel to identify key areas where ADA’s emissions control expertise, systems knowledge, and portfolio of services can assist the plant in achieving optimized reliability and efficiency of emission control systems. We follow these initial discussions with an evaluation of plant emission control systems and processes to achieve a specific, tailored, subscription based service program for the plant.

Experience You Can Count On

ADA’s equipment experience spans the entire spectrum of emission control strategies—ACI, DSI, chemical additives, flue gas treatments and measurement. With ACI and DSI systems serving well over 150 utility boilers, chemical additive systems utilized to treat over 100M tons of coal, and over a decade of CEMS expertise based on mercury control demonstrations at more than 100 plants, ADA has the knowledge and expertise to tailor and execute a reliability program to meet your needs.

ADA – Your Trusted Emissions Control Partner

ADA understands the many factors that affect mercury removal as well as the equipment and systems employed to ensure emissions compliance. We can help you determine if your control equipment is up to the compliance task and provide the expertise, assistance and necessary services to ensure consistent, reliable and cost-effective compliance operations. Through our Equipment Reliability Program, ADA will provide you with a customized service package to better achieve your equipment reliability goals and will incorporate:

  • Equipment evaluations and maintenance services to reduce downtime or inaccuracies caused by faulty equipment
  • Recommendations for preventive maintenance activities before poor performance and critical failure of equipment causes excessive downtime and non-compliance risk
  • A wealth of experience and expertise in emissions control equipment to provide proactive solutions to address new industry challenges

Our team has supported plants in evaluating mercury control options for more than 25 years, including conducting mercury control demonstrations at more than 100 plants.

We provide ACI and DSI systems serving more than 140 utility boilers, and have internationally recognized mercury control experts on staff. With our expertise on your side it’s simple to save money and achieve your compliance goals.

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