Advanced Emissions Solutions Companies


Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. (ADES) provides solutions to customers in coal-fired power generation, municipal water and other industries through the proprietary emissions control and water purification technologies of our subsidiaries and joint ventures. Our proprietary technologies and associated product offerings provide pollutant control solutions to enable coal-fired power generators and industrials as well as municipal water to meet applicable regulations. Our current products and services provide solutions across the entire spectrum of coal-fired power generators' needs. Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. serves as the holding company for ADA-ES, Inc., ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC, and through ADA-ES is an owner in Tinuum Group, LLC and Tinuum Services, LLC. At ADES, we are passionate about working with our customers to implement the most effective and efficient solutions that fit with their unique operating and pollutions control configuration.

ADA LogoADA brings together ADA Carbon Solutions, a leading provider of powder activated carbon and ADA-ES, the providers of ADA® M-Prove™ Technology. We continue to provide products and services to control mercury and other contaminants at coal-fired power generators and other industrial companies. Our families of complementary products control contaminants: activated carbon, coal additives and scrubber additives, along with flue gas conditioning and other supporting chemical technologies. This broad product suite supports customized, integrated solutions that help our customers meet their compliance objectives consistently and reliably.

ADA produces and delivers many of our products through three key assets; Red River Plant is the largest, most automated and environmentally friendly activated carbon plant in North America; Natchitoches Processing Facility provides custom processing and packaging and Five Forks Mine supports our vertical integration by providing a dedicated source for raw materials. Our chemical technologies are currently produced by third party manufacturers and shipped directly to customers.

CCS-Condensed-FOnt-1024x383CarbPure Technologies LLC, (“CarbPure”), formed in 2015 provides high-quality PAC and granular activated carbon (“GAC”) ideally suited for treatment of potable water and wastewater. CarbPure PAC products’ particle size and density are designed specifically for excellent water contact, making them effective for treating a wide range of water sources. CarbPure GAC products are manufactured to withstand the abrasive effects of repeated back washing, hydraulic transport and reactivation for future use. Our affiliate company, ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC manufactures the products for CarbPure.

CCS-Condensed-FOnt-1024x383Through Tinuum Group, LLC, we provide our patented Refined Coal (“RC”) CyClean™ technology to enhance combustion of and reduce emissions of NOx and mercury from coals in cyclone boilers and our patent pending M-45™ and M-45-PC™ technologies for Circulating Fluidized Boilers and Pulverized Coal boilers respectively.

Arq Logo Arq is an environmental technology company founded in 2015 that has developed a novel process for producing specialty carbon products from coal mining waste. Arq has the technology and large-scale manufacturing facilities to produce a micro-fine hydrocarbon powder, Arq powder, that can be used as a feedstock to produce activated carbon. Arq powder can also be used as a blending additive for both the Carbon Black and Asphalt markets. When utilized in various products, Arq powder provides both a competitive cost and an improved environmental footprint. Arq’s products are patent protected with a family of over 70 patents and applications.